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Flower Arrangement
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crystals, oils , alchemy

Alchemized and produced by Julie Ann

stars and moon


Image by Neora Aylon
sothis products
Miracle growth oil
Self love

 healing   -   plant based   -   PARABEN FREE   -   CRUELTY FREE   -   NATURAL   -   ENERGY CHARGED 

mens beard and face oil
sothis products
Image by Katherine Hanlon
Image by Mykyta Martynenko

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At Sothis Pure Beauty, we believe in the power of natural earth made beauty products. Our product is handcrafted with natural elements and vitamins to promote growth, smoothness, healing and protection. We also offer products for Men too. Our beauty alchemist approach ensures that our products work for all hair types. Discover a new dimension of hair and skin care that is free of harsh chemicals and parabens. Feel the Energy of these beautiful handcrafted products. Allow yourself to Experience the pure essence of Sothis Pure Beauty.

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