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Our StoRy

At Sothis Pure Beauty, we believe in the power of natural ingredients and Earth Energy, combined together to heal.

Our founder Julie Ann, has been working as a cosmetologist and an intuitive energy worker. She has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and felt it was time to find a way to bring the healing powers of crystal and earth energy to the beauty industry.

"I really want to help everyone learn about energy and healing. This type of energy work has truly helped me so much, maybe even saved my life. I know this work has helped people open to a path of healing. So the idea to have pure energy charged products that can help support us was born."

Julie wanted to work on bringing beauty products into alchemy, to help support not only healing hair and skin, but also providing the extra energy to support overall health.  "I have had so many clients who just need a little extra support, and a non-toxic product."  Coming from a dry climate, moisture and healing are so important. Working with all hair types I just wanted something I knew would actually help. Then as I was taking some time to think one night, I had an idea come to me. I was working on how to combine energy work and hair styling and had been thinking about how to teach and combine the two for years. Then one night I sat down to journal about how to do this and I had the coolest vision or dream about Sothis, the Egyptian Star of Isis. I saw her pour beautiful silver light in the form of an oil, all over the earth, and then saw how powerful energetically charging hair products could be. I could see how this was a way to help awaken people to the earth's healing energy, both with crystals, colors, energy and more. I continued to journal and had so many ideas that all led to creating "Sothis Pure".  After tons of research, education, and so many samples, happily we now offer a line of natural beauty products, and a whole educational system to help achieve overall health. Our product is handcrafted with the finest ingredients. They are intuitively charged and also carry crystal energy. 

Here are some examples below of how our products help. They generate hair growth, create smoothness, add moisture and shine, protect, heal dry and brittle hair and skin. I love to create and Alchemize energy and beauty products together. My aim is to create a new dimension of beauty that is pure and effective.

Truly Beauty Alchemy at its best!

Lots of love to you all,

Julie Ann



*Disclosure, I am not a chemist or a doctor.

Please use at your own discrepancy.

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Sothis Pure Beauty is a hair care company that offers energy-charged, pure natural products.. Our beauty alchemy process creates meticulously crafted products to nourish, heal and protect.


We understand the need for clean hair products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. Our products are made with natural ingredients and are, most importantly, ENERGETICLY CHARGED to provide you with the best healing power available. 


Welcome to
Sothis Pure Beauty

Why Sothis

Because we believe in the whole self, we believe in the power of natural ingredients, crystal energy and education. We want to help, heal and transform hair and skin.

We Love hair and we love energy. Try one of our 

SOTHIS PURE products today. Please email us with any questions. Wholesale and affiliate programs are coming soon. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Julie Ann

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