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Solar Light Hair Oil

Solar light oil , is just that pure light. All natural beautiful gold color to shine shine shine! Confidence in knowing that you are healing and protecting your hair. Feel the crystal power as you use this citrine charged and infused oil. Giving you the subtle energy to get the life you truly want. No artificial scents all from essential oils. This oil is pure so you truly dont need much!


Safe for all hair types, and textures including Extension or other hair Pieces. 


Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Citrine, Love, Tons of shine. 


This product contains zero scent. 


Citrine healing energy,

Citrine has captivated us with its golden hue & endless charm & some would say

that goes beyond the realm of aesthetics. According to old traditions, the citrine crystal meaning is rooted in wisdom and good luck - it symbolizes abundance,

strength, and personal power. As the

"merchant's stone" & "success stone. Willpower, Envisioning Your Goals & Pursuing Them,Determination to Succeed





Solar Light Hair Oil

SKU: WB-SL-0823-002
  • This is a very glossy shiny oil.

    Use sparingly on wet or dry hair. 

    1-3 drops or as needed.


  • 2 oz Of pure shine. No scent. Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Citrine.

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