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Sothis pure beauty, the idea behind the content and products.

We truly do want to help others. How ? Well as a Hair stylist and a mom, a diabetic and having a life full of ups and downs just like everyone else, I wanted to create something truly magical and helpful. I believe deeply in our choices and abilities to create the life we choose to live.

I have suffered like most of us , from chronic illness, Diabetes , and chronic Codependency. It has taken me a long time to come to a realization, that we all have experiences that have caused suffering, we sometimes repeat the cycles that create this suffering. The even wilder thought and knowing I have has is that and we are all a part of a greater whole. None of us are perfect , not even close. And we get to be the creators of our own life. We have the power to change. We are not alone.

My journey began when the questions I finally began to ask were the hardest ones I believe any of us could ever ask. How am" I "creating all this chaos and how do I fix ME!!"

The first step to making any changes is to accept that We are responsible for our own thoughts feelings and emothions and ultimaltley our own life. That we do have a choice always.

I am not trying to minimize anyones feelings or issues here at all. I just want to share a little part of what has helped me grow and learn and still continues to help me.


Spending time in nature has so many benifits I could type for hours and not even scratch the surface of how much this can help. One thing I do daily is" Ground myself" There are many way to do this, one is simply walking or standing barefoot outside in the grass or dirt. I don't spend hours here but this simple act has helped me have a clearer mind and feel support I never knew existed. The connection to the earth and the feeling of letting my self release and breathe has helped me so much. It calms my mind, slows down my heart rate, and helps with the bits of anxiety that pop up for me often. Just by allowing my feet to connect with this great mother earth.


I Have grown to love and appreciate Crystals and Gemstones. Their subtle healing properties and the support they provide. I didnt just hold a crystal one dayu and suddenly feel magic, I slowly started to research and discover crystals one at a time.

The Healing properties of moonstone was my first ever love with Gemstones. I was quietly called to hold a stone at one point, im not sure how or why I went into the shop with all the crystals. But I wandered into a place that had so so many stones I was honestly over whelmed with all the energy and information the stones had. The little cards they all had at each different basket, I was hooked. I couldnt beleive I had all this access to all this support and had never known how easy it was to obtain such beautiful powerful poieces of the earth. I purchased a moonstone necklace and a ring and then was so excited with the powerful pieces I had I wanted to share with everyone. So I purchased my own moonstone beads and gave everone I could think of a piece of the magic I felt I had found. Some of the qualities of moonstone are It brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one's life. Moonstone is a stone of protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy, and travel at sea. It is a stone of calm and relif from emotional stress.

I still to this day continue to be in awe at the amount of stones and the qualities these all have for us to expierence. A huge part of this process is allowing yourself to open up to be RECEPTIVE, to allow yourself to recieve these gifts. Gemstones are so healing and powerful if we just allow ourselves to connect.


I LOVE THE DRUM! for so so many reasons, I would highly reccomend either finding a drum meditation online or attending a drum circle. Drumming for me has truly changed my life.

The above are a few simple ways that truly are actually so powerful. Thesee are things that have helped Birth Sothis into being. They each have helped me be more calm and free to be me. I love life , I see the interconnectedness of all of our experiences. And I see the healing that comes from allowing ourselves to connect to these few things.

I wanted to combine healing energies and Beauty products born by the earth for us to use daily and help us heal and connect. The earth provides so so many things to help support us and heal us.

I hope these few methods above can help spark your curiosity. And maybe help you as they have helped me. It all begins with us , being brave to look within and then allow and accept healing. We can connect. We can heal. We have access to so much.

Please reach out if you have any questions... click below to see our current products.

Also Use CODE SOTHISHEALS for 20% off your first purchase.

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