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Solar Light, Oil

Solar light was truly channeled through my desire to have a lighter weight oil that heals and protects. I sat down and asked what was the formula that would truly satisfy my search for a yummy smelling natural, light oil. Then charged it with citrine, to help aid in awakening the solar plexus chakra.

This beautiful oil is so amazing , not just for hair but can also be used on skin.

it has so many amazing ingredients.

Grape seed extract why : Hair it can help increase strength and promote growth.

on the skin it is naturally light weight in helping provide moisture and can help reduce redness and inflammation. Truly so much more too....

I love aloe vera oil. This oil is amazing with so many healing benefits. Anti aging , protective and healing this oil does so much for both hair and skin.

Then the smell is truly natural pineapple oil and lime too. Keeping it fresh and clean.

Coconut oil we all know has so many beautiful anti-aging and healing benefits , and helps protect hair from frizzy fly away problems.

So many beautiful oils this earth provides for us to use.. My hopes are to continue to use and allow the healing process for all who choose to value the healing and power these bring to us.

Rosehip too antioxidant and so much healing and nutrition for the skin.

and hair .

I just love spending time getting to know these oils and all the available healing they provide.

Now beautiful Citrine , image below .....

So much to say about this amazing gemstone. I felt so strong to add this stone to this particular oil. Citrine is a gemstone of light, happiness, and abundance. It is known as the most powerful gemstone for manifestation. It inspires one to achieve their goals.

Citrine is said to bring energy and joy. And provide protection and help enhance ones value of self.

What a cool piece of the earth we can use to help us on our journey here on earth.

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Julie Ann

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