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A better question may be, who is Sothis?

You just may start to understand from the photo above , a star? Yes, and even more.

Sothis is an Egyptian goddess in the Sirius galaxy. According to ancient Egyptian stories she does provide us with wisdom and generosity.

I love to research and read oracle and other Card decks. Many have such beautiful art and so much fun guidance to help. I find they often give new perspective into daily issues or can help change the course of our day.

I also believe if we allow we can sometimes all channel or communicate with these cards. So when I was working hard to figure out the name for these oils , Sothis came up in an oracle deck for me .

Now This deck was so powerful for me recently as I had been feeling pulled to ancient rituals and was just truly fascinated with all the teachings in these small cards.

They are available to download too so that while I'm working on hair clients it is an easy access point to share and enjoy deeper conversations.

Card credit goes to . She is so inspired and has many amazing pieces of wisdom for all.

This specific card , "ABUNDANCE OF SOTHIS"

Was so so cool to me , I was overwhelmed with emotion when I read what Alana had channeled. I felt called even more to share the emotion and energy of this sacred name "SOTHIS" Translated from the Egyptian spelling Sopadet. Sothis pure Beauty was that day born.

ART WORK CREDIT IS BY JIMMY MANTON @instagram J.a.m_animation


This card shares so much wisdom of just allowing the flow of life and connecting to higher sources of inspiration and hope. I am no expert on any of what I am writing but I truly am merely sharing a beautiful piece of the reason our company came into existence . I am a believer that we are often given guidance from sources unseen if we just choose to be open and receive. To keep our hearts wide open and be willing to receive, abundance in all ways . For this card to have come in for me that day it truly did change everything.

I am on a mission to bring back the connection we need so desperately to the earths natural healing powers. I want to help people heal both inside and out. The oils we have do that . If you use them as you would any other gemstone the oils too will just create a beautiful protective and healing energy.

so why not give it a try?

This is a short version of a piece of why Sothis I hope it inspires you too!

Code SOTH10 at check out. Thank you in advance for reading.

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